Make Money With Marketing

How You Can Make Money Presenting Our Company

Making money with Opolis Networks has never been so easy. We have developed a new strategy called Shared Selling™. This program involves creating a massive awareness campaign that uses everyday word of mouth to sell a product or service. The  company pays a generous commission in return for having every day people like you and me put the word out about their products and/or services. Shared Selling™ is very simple and as long as it does not create a conflict of interest between the individual sharing and the company they currently work for this can be a very lucrative option.


Shared Selling™ is not mandatory employment. This can be done at any time and at the sharee's discretion and convenience. We do not require any kind of documentation in order for you to begin using this program, however we will require proof that you are the person who submitted the purchasing party to our company.


We use a Shared Selling™ Confirmation Key that is generated manually by Opolis Networks to keep track of Sharee's and their sales. Turning in all paperwork and information over to Opolis Networks on time and in order is the total responsibility of every individual using the Shared Selling™ program.


Every Shared Selling™ enrollee will have their own unique pay plan and pay schedule. This is based on the time, area, and effort set once they enroll. All commissions are paid bi-weekly.


Each Shared Selling™ enrollee will talk to the people of their choice throughout their normal lifestyle about the services and products offered by Opolis Networks. Each individual will encourage their referral to provide Opolis Networks with their name and SSK (Shared Selling™ Key) upon making a purchase. Opolis Networks cannot be liable for any commissions if the referral does not provide us with this information. We will try our best to connect the sale with the referring enrollee but we cannot guarantee a commission payment if the information is missing.

For more information regarding Shared Selling™ please contact us at your convenience.

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